How I Embraced A Key To Network Marketing Success...

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Attend and build for Events.

Darren Hardy,
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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. There are different types of events for each business. Learn the types and why you should to embrace the fact that ALL of these types of events matter. They each have a unique role in contributing to your success.
  2. Events have special powers that deserve your respect. Learn how your own complaints about weekend or evening events taking away your time is actually a sign that "you need that business event to grow and fix that very time-freedom issue!"
  3. Learn why promoting events, and doing so with excitement, can fast track your business and revenue. In fact, gain some practical ideas on how to promote events too!
  4. Here is something I say in Chapter 6, "...paying attention is far more valuable than paying the cost of admission to the Event." Find out why the hoopla is great, but truly learning to later apply skills and knowledge gained at an event is much greater!

About The Author, Jonathan "Jon" Lonon

Jon Lonon and what matters least: B.S. of Electrical Engineering Technology from South Carolina State University (1985); M.S. Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University (2007); 25+ Years Computer Software Developer (various major cities and companies, including a 10-year stint with Bank of America); Founder of a non-profit youth organization (currently being reorganized to serve in greater ways); and finally, Ordained Elder in the Churches of God by Faith, Incorporated by way of the Churches of God In Christ.

Jon Lonon and what matters most: Raised by the greatest parents on the planet (James and Naomi Lonon who gave me balanced life guidance which thankfully included the gospel and proverbs of the Bible); Trained by amazing preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and college teachers; Happily married to the most beautiful woman (mind & body) in the universe (LaBrentha "Bren" Durham-Lonon); Father of the sharpest children of the future (Ashley, Quentin, and Kelsey Lonon); Mentored by the most caring business coaches, multi-millionaires, and church pastors; and Determined to help thousands upon thousands have success as they reach to fulfill dreams and goals that are designed to help many thousands more!

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